2021 / Greenwood Avenue: A Virtual Reality Experience

Previsualization by Laura Borgen

Previsualization by Laura Borgen



About Greenwood Avenue: A Virtual Reality Experience. Our Mission. 

Greenwood Avenue is a groundbreaking, emotional exploration into the lives of the African Americans living in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921, during the era of Black Wall Street, the second rise of the KKK, and the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921, told through the eyes of an elderly Black female protagonist named Agnes. Agnes is a fictional character created to tell the story of this historical event.


Virtual reality was chosen for this story because it is experiential. VR will move the story along in a meaningful way, and allow for a twist ending that cannot happen unless told in VR.


Like a documentary, this project’s aim is to expose more people to information, in this case African American history that is excluded from secondary education. Our goal is to bring our project into as many classrooms, museums, and community spaces as possible. We plan to partner with organizations and individuals that have recognized a void in educating youth about African American history, and a coalition of minority serving institutions to devise ways to get our project into public schools and in front of educators. Other groups have recognized a void in the historical preservation of their stories and social injustices and sought out solutions. For example, Holocaust education is required in curriculums under the Rhode Island Genocide Education legislation.